Cultivian Sandbox Ventures is a Chicago-based venture capital firm that invests in innovative technology startups focused on the food & agriculture industry. Founded by experienced operators from some of the world’s preeminent agriculture technology companies, and backed by leading Strategic LPs, the firm seeks to support and bring to market the technologies that will drive the world’s food system toward greater sustainability, security and safety. To do this, we invest across the full value chain of food & agriculture, from crop production and animal health to supply chain and food ingredients.

Cultivian Sandbox was created from a partnership between Cultivian Ventures and Sandbox Industries. Sandbox Industries focuses on three of the world’s most crucial industries: food and agriculture, healthcare, and insurance. As both experienced operating managers and venture investors, we add value to our portfolio companies through our highly skilled team, extensive industry network and collaborative investment strategy. From leading Fortune 100 agriculture companies, to launching novel technologies and inventing industries, to successfully navigating the regulatory frameworks that define new markets, our deep experience as a team is unparalleled in the food and agriculture industries.

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