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14 Apr. 2016

Pivoting into Food & Agriculture

How Technologies Developed for Other Sectors are Revolutionizing Food Production When our team meets entrepreneurs we almost always ask, “What’s your story?” to better understand both the history of the [...]

19 Nov. 2015

Where Will Agtech Investors Find the Best Exits?

The agriculture technology investor’s journey to exit is still unclear. As with all new asset classes and sectors, most investment firms tracking the growing agtech industry have yet to build [...]

17 Nov. 2015

Descartes Labs Emerges With $5M to Improve Data for Farmers

Images of the earth are being gathered by a growing flock of planes, satellites and drones, and they are full of useful information for those who are able to see [...]

4 Nov. 2015

The Big Money of Changing Food and Agriculture Tech

Venture capitalists put more money into the food and agriculture industries year after year, hoping to get in early with the companies that could transform the way the world eats. [...]

28 Oct. 2015

5 Questions with Cultivian Sandbox’s Ziolkowski about Food Technology

With two funds dedicated to food and agriculture technologies under its belt and nearly $200 million assets under management, Cultivian Sandbox is one of agtech’s most established venture capital backers. [...]

25 Oct. 2015

Vestaron Honored With Inaugural Bernard Blum Award for Novel Biocontrol Solutions

(Kalamazoo, Michigan) – Vestaron Corporation’s bioinsecticide technology is the recipient of the inaugural Bernard Blum Award for Novel Biocontrol Solutions, presented this week at the opening ceremony of the ABIM [...]

17 Jun. 2015

Crop Protection Product Developer Asilomar Bio Announces $3M Series A Round

“Farmers everywhere will tell you that weather and water are the biggest issues,” Travis Bayer, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Asilomar Bio. The company recently closed a $3 million Series A [...]